NFL Injuries

Over-rating/ Under-rating

Other than referees, over or underating key injuries in the NFL can cost you a game real quick. Knowing your back-ups and what effect they will have when replacing a starter is an edge you need to use. 

The Injury effect on Power Ratings

When a quarterback goes down from injury you must account for his replacement. Most teams will lose 7-10 points. There are a few teams that could add points such as the Eagles and Buccaneers which have solid experience behind the starter.

Noting the drop off after a key injury


The best way to gauge a team that has lost it's quarterback is to compare the margin of victory or defeat to the line in the following game and that difference would be how I grade the power rating. Another self check would be to compare the yards per point, (YPP) to see what the drop off or gain could be.

Injury Adjustments

  You can download my injury adjustments for key players below. These are early estimates so some will change.

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