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 As a professional football handicapper it is vital to determine the relative strength of two teams and consider if the point spread accurately represents the difference. Applying relevant variables with this information will not only put you on the most probable side to cover the point spread, but instill confidence in your game that you are going to win more than you lose. The book was built for Las Vegas handicappers which not only bet pro football, but compete in various contests around the city. The book will have you ready to jump on early mistakes, which means you be able to fire away when the numbers become available.
If your in to Fantasy football, it is a strong tool to track injuries on a team with the depth charts right beside the power rating page.
Knowing who the probable winner is should help you consider who to start and get you the better results in your league. The website with Mike's picks and analysis for college and pro is available for $99.95 until September 1st, 2014. After September 1st, a $15.00 weekly, or a $50.00 monthly plan will be available. Remember, knowledge is power, and the less time it takes to gain this knowledge gives you a huge edge over the rest. The book is available on this website and at Gambler's Book club in Las Vegas. Hope to see you this season and let's make some money. Mike  
More powerful handicapping tools to increase your win percentage 
*Offensive Line Rankings-QB Hits-Sacks allowed
* Average Margin of Victory- Home/Away
* System plays
*Spread Range Dogs
*Due ups and due downs
* Grass/Turf performance
* How a team performs after a rout win or loss
This is the best pro football betting book you can get. It's quick to update, it gives you an early line to spot odds-makers mistakes, and has the latest team situations to apply.

2014 Edition $34.95

 (Book Price  $34.95+shipping) 

Playoff records since 2007

2007/08 8-3 ATS Super Bowl Pick Giants+12.5 Won
2008/09 7-4 ATS Super Bowl Pick Cardinals+6.5 Won
2009/10 8-3 ATS Super Bowl Pick Saints+5 Won
2010/11 7-4 ATS Super Bowl Pick Packers-3 Won
2011/12 6-5 ATS Super Bowl Pick NY Giants money-line Won
2012/13 6-4 ATS Super Bowl Pick Ravens+4 Won
2013/14 4-6 ATS Super Bowl Pick Broncos-2.5 Lost
2014/15 6-5 ATS Super Bowl Pick New England-1 Won  

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